OASIS eGov Member Section announcements:

OASIS eGov thanks Belgian Federal Ministry of Finance (SPFF) for hosting workshop

Lively discussions took place in the successful eGovernment Workshop hosted by the Belgian Federal Ministry of Finance, SPFF, in Brussels, Belgium, on 19 February 2009. The focus was on SOA and Web services used in the public sector, especially regarding finance, revenue and tax. The meeting was organized by the OASIS eGov Member Section Steering Committee. Presentation slides are available for free download.

OASIS eGov Member Section Announces New Steering Committee Members

The OASIS eGovernment Member Section (MS), is pleased to announce
six newly elected Steering Committee members.The OASIS eGovernment
Member Section (eGov MS) serves as a focal point for
discussions of governmental and public administration requirements for
e-business standardization. Bringing together representatives from global,
regional, national and local government agencies, the eGov MS provides a
platform for those who share a common interest in directing and
understanding the impact of open standards on the public sector.

OASIS eGov Member Section is pleased to announce 'Public Finance' Workshop in Brussels on 19 February

The objective of the one day Workshop is to introduce ICT solutions in
the context of public finance, including tax, benefits and payments and
exchange experience amongst professionals presenting use cases focusing on SOA
[Service oriented architecture] and web-based services.

Register now for eGov Workshop on Public Finance: ICT Solutions Using SOA & Web Services, 19 Feb, Brussels

eGov Member Section to Host an Interactive Cross-Border, Citizen-Centric Panel at Security Forum

The OASIS eGov Member Section will host an interactive Cross-Border, Citizen-Centric Panel at the "Security Challenges for the
Information Society Forum" - Thursday, 2 October, 2008.

OASIS eGov Member Section Hosted Successful Workshop at the Open Standards Symposium

The OASIS eGovernment Member Section hosted a workshop on "Electronic Identity and Citizen-Centric Administration" on 1 May in conjunction with the Open Standards 2008 symposium in Santa Clara, California. The eGov workshop focused on authentication, security, composability for Web services, inter-operability frameworks, and implementation guidelines for open standards.

Donate to advance the work of OASIS eGov

OASIS has formalized a new Member Section Supporters program that enables organizations and individuals to advance the work of OASIS eGov by underwriting specific activities. Donors may contribute any amount. Donations may be used for specific purposes, such as to defer meeting expenses, produce educational materials, etc. or to support general activities of a Member Section. An OASIS member who donates 5,500 USD or more annually (in addition to their OASIS Foundational or Sponsor-level dues) may have their organization's logo linked from every page of the Member Section's web site.

OASIS issues press release on new eGov Member Section

On 5 December 2007, OASIS issued a press release announcing the new eGov Member Section and its mission to promote interoperability in the public sector. The release included quotes from Dr. Carol Cosgrove-Sacks of OASIS, Bob Sunday of Canada's Public Works and Government Services, Peter F. Brown of Pensive, and Steve Jones of Capgemini.

Read the complete announcement, "OASIS Launches New Group to Promote Open Standards for Citizen-Centric Government."

OASIS invites participation in eGov Member Section

The OASIS eGov Member Section welcomes members from local, national, and international administrations and oversight agencies as well as technology providers, systems integrators, and all those concerned to encourage more efficient use of new technologies to deliver better quality and more citizen-centric government.

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