South Australia Gov wins awards with TGF-based portal

From Jan McConchie, Director eGovernment, Government Services Group, Department of Premier and Cabinet, Government of South Australia:

"The government of South Australia has deployed key elements of the OASIS Transformational Government Framework (TGF) in helping to shape and deliver our strategy for citizen-centric service transformation. 

The Government of South Australia's ICT strategy, called 'Ask Just Once', aims to transform our entire government service delivery mechanisms.  'Ask Just Once' is about improving service delivery--especially for citizens most in need of support, and improving efficiency--for example by shifting citizens to the lowest cost service delivery channel wherever possible. The strategy focuses on four priority areas; Channels and Access, Strengthen the Front-line, Shared Services and Enable Agile Government.

Early on in this transformation process, we realised that we needed to address the fundamental business model through which our agencies work together, in order that the agency silos could deliver truly citizen-centric services.  We worked on developing a roadmap to implement the 'Franchise Marketplace solution' recommended by the OASIS Transformational Government Framework. 

The results within the last three years speak for themselves.  Our citizen-facing portal,, has been incredibly successful at meeting the strategy objectives for higher take-up and higher customer satisfaction.  It has provided the foundation for effective multi-channel service delivery, and has won numerous awards including:

  • 2010 eGovernment iAward for innovation in delivery of services at the Australian Information Industry Association South Australian awards
  • 2011 Public Sector Organisation of the Year (Oceania) at the FutureGov awards in Singapore."