Transformational Government Workshop Report

The Transformational Government Workshop was hosted at the World Bank's offices in Washington DC on 9th December 2010.  The aim was to review the work on the newly formed Transformational Government Framework Technical Committee. 

The workshop was very well attended with a large number on-line via a webcast link.  Speakers from Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom talked about their current activities in this area and CS Transform presented on their contribution to the work of the TC.  During an interactive Roundtable session several very useful suggestions were made of things for the TC to take into consideration.  Overall the general consensus was that the workshop was extremely successful and that the proposed work of the TC was entirely in the right direction for the government community.

A recording of the webcast  and the presentation slides will be made available on the workshop website

On the following day the TC held its second committee meeting and with the validation and endorsement of the workshop was able to make significant progress with its programme of work.  More information on that will be available on the TC website in due course, see