OASIS eGov thanks Belgian Federal Ministry of Finance (SPFF) for hosting workshop

Lively discussions took place in the successful eGovernment Workshop hosted by the Belgian Federal Ministry of Finance, SPFF, in Brussels, Belgium, on 19 February 2009. The focus was on SOA and Web services used in the public sector, especially regarding finance, revenue and tax. The meeting was organized by the OASIS eGov Member Section Steering Committee. Presentation slides are available for free download.

More than 90 participants registered, coming from more than 20 countries. Speakers came from several major international organizations, including OECD, WCO, the World Bank, the European Commission and from national and regional governments, including the UK, Germany and Switzerland, and from some major enterprises. The programme prompted exchanges of views regarding future directions for SOA and Web delivered services in the finance sector, based on open standards. The hosts, SPFF, provided excellent facilities and generous refreshments.

The eGov Workshop in Brussels was sponsored by IBM, Microsoft and Adobe.

A follow-up OASIS eGov Workshop in Washington, D. C. will be held 17 April 2009. It will be hosted by the World Bank.